I hope you had an amazing weekend ! First three days with school ahead and now I'm starting to study very hard before all the exams in April, competitions and I should have really good marks, because it's my last year in this school, so it's time to choose a high school. Really important time of my life. Less time for me.

But I'm back with my workout challenge. I really want to slim down. Usually I wear a tones of clothing, but I want to look really good. Which girl don't dream about slim legs ? Super healthy food and diet are again in my life and this time I can't give up. Now I try to make my daily routine more systematic. I wake up, do my workout, get ready to school. That's how I want my day to look like. Organisation is really important so I have to work on it !

During this weekend I really wanted to feel comfortable, so my occurrence on social media was smaller, Sunday I spend in my cozy set, almost in bed or in the front of my computer. I really needed to regenerate. Saturday I spend with my parents and sister in Schwedt, it's a city near to the polish border. It was a shopping time of course. Shopping for me is also a type of relax, I just love strolling through the shops and looking for a cool pieces.

This photos were made after the sun goes down, so they are a little bit dark. Stylization really comfortable, because I was on shopping. Skirt, blouse with print, burgundy and booties. Can be something better to wear ? I don't think so ! I wish you all guys a super productive week and wish you  a luck !

outfit of the day: 
Skirt: Bershka 
Blouse : Stradivarius 


  1. pretty photos and nice clothes :) like like like! :) i follow, now you :)

    i love outfits <3

  2. Omg You` re so beauty nd you have very nice blog! <3

  3. Cute outfit! Love the pictures!



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