Hi folks !! In the beginning I want to thank you so much for 1st K of followers on Instagram. I'm so happy that everything is growing up and so grateful that you read VICIRAGE. There's no bigger motivation than you ! I hope that you will stay with me and invite your friends :)

This week is really hard. On Saturday I have biology competition and I spend all my time on learning. Only green smoothies, my fav lip conditioner and brained bun helps me to feel like a human. Almost no make-up, sleepy eyes and comfy clothing. That's all what I need this week I'm not the same person, but on Saturday about 1pm Victoria will be alive hahahah. Tones of clothing, perfect details, jewels and full make-up.

Photos made between school and my music class. Very fast so sorry than it's less than always. Trust me next week will be better and you will see it here. This blog is me so sometimes I have worst days.
I'm going to learn. Have a great day !!!


outfit of the day:
Scarf: Zara
Blazzer: H&M 
Leggings: Zara
Bracelet's: Claire's 
Ring: Gift 
 Blouse: Mohito 
Backpack: House 
Lips: Revlon 


  1. Lovely outfit


  2. Lovely look


  3. Uwielbiam twojego bloga! Z każdym twoim postem widzę ile serca w niego wkładasz :)

  4. Piękna modelka!
    Co powiesz na obs za obs na blogu (nie na google ) Zacznij pierwsza a na pewno się odwdzięczę
    <3 <3 Miłego weekendu !

  5. Well you told me that you're blog have such good quality on photos...
    You damn right!
    I love it...

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