Hello everybody. Today's post will be a little bit different. I usually write about my looks, cosmetics and fashion shows… But today I will write about fashion from other perspective. From perspective of my biggest passion ! I love it and connect my life with this creative world 24 hours per day. It's something unbelievable for me,something bigger than me, something GORGEOUS !

Stop learning stop creating … I'm in gymnasium, so I learn a lot, especially that it's my last year in this school. But when I do all my homework I but all books to my backpack and start doing this what i love. Reading massive articles on, watching all new campaigns, checking all new products and reading tones of fashion magazines. It's fantastic how I'm inspired in it.

My book of thoughts. I put there all my visions of outfits, I cut from my favourite magazines clothes and make ready sets, write about them, connect with the best make-up options. I also put them photos which inspired me and sessions of my favourite models. That's how I see the fashion. I hope that when I will open in a couple of years I will notice that everything changed, fashion is more crazy than ever, people are more creative and open.

Choosing clothes to wear is also a big ritual for me. I go to my wardrobe and spend there about 20 minutes, sitting on the floor and thinking, creating all sets on my mind. I choose clothing perfect to each day of occasion, weather and my mood. I can't wear a short, orange dress when It's  cold outside and I'm sick as hell.

Doing make-up, how I choose lipstick or nail polish ? That's a great question. Of course I have my small rules. For example when I wear my burgundy Prada, I chose Chanel lipstick in similar colour and nude nail polish by Dior. I think that it all depends from my creativity and current position.

Every detail in my outfit should look perfect I really work hard on my style and try to look as good as it's possible. i think that I found my path in the world of fashion and want VICIRAGE to be a summary of this ! Nice week folks !



  1. Masz świetne kosmetyki *.*

  2. i love your photos!

  3. I also have a notebook, where I stick all of my favourite fashion and beauty pieces! It's so much fun! :)

  4. That's a really good job!
    This is almost a trend forecasting, u know?
    And it's really a good idea to be inspired and choose a look and make up ;)

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