OMG we are back in school after more than two weeks of holiday season. I can't believe that this fantastic time passed so fast. It was a time to relax, regenerate, spend a lot of time with family. Christmas and New Year, without weather and short days, is my favourite time during the year. but everything the best pass the fastest. We just have to keep smiles on our faces, be happy and thankful for this magical time.

Going to the ice ring is one of my favourite forms of spending time with my family. Ice skating with my sister is such a great fun I just love it. Maybe our Ice ring isn't in the middle of beautiful scenery, but we can have such a great fun there too. We should spend some time jauntily to be happy, because happiness is the most important thing in our live. We can have money, but it can't make us happy.

Clothing… It's fashion blog so I should write few sentences about it. Black trousers and blouse. On the top beige sweater, very thick and soft. Scarf and gloves in the same colour, this two pieces are always needed for me during the winter. I hate cold so I can't live without them. And cap, very classic, grey, cool warm one. As universal as possible.

I hope you guys all had a fantastic time full of love, happiness and magic.  Have a nice time in school and just wait for winter break.

outfit of the day:
Trousers: Zara
Blouse: Gatta 
Gloves: Monnari
Scarf: Reserved 
Cap: Reserved
Sweater: Only 


  1. great sweater!!

  2. So cool! Last time I was on ice rink was maybe 3-4 years ago in famous rink in Lake Placid! Have fun back to school!;-)
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  3. Cute! I'm following you on GFC, follow back?


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