During the winter, evenings are veery long, very often we spend it at home with a cup of hot tea in a hand, lying in the bed. As you may know I love to read books. In summer I published my list of favourites for those time and now it's time too share with you titles of my favourite ones for cold days and boring lessons in school, when I'm reading under my desk.

I love criminals ! But I've never wanted to read a series of books. But in October I discovered Pretty Little Liars and I felt in love with this books. Amazing action,  very addictive. Every girls should read it ! It's 14 parts and 2 extra parts connected with all secrets inside this book. It's a magic when you just ended one part and can't live without start to read next.

I read all this books and I can say that Sara Shepard is amazing. How she did it ? How many ideas she had during writing it ? It's gorgeous. A lot of hidden thinks and secrets, all inside the history of five friends, trust me you have to read it !! Your live will be completely changed !

Elle was always my favourite fashion destination, but Borris Akkunin's books are something completely new for me. I got this from my friend because of Santa's day, and I have to thank her so much ! When you hear Russian writer you think no, it can't be great book. But it's not true ! I just read Azazel and it was really fantastic !!! I'm starting to read a second part.

Tomorrow I will have another short trip to Berlin with my class, so check my Instagram to see latest photos ( link on the right sidebar ). I wish you all happy day folks and feeling as sweet as sugar cubes !


  1. Great photos. I love reading crime/thrillers!


  2. Ale piękne zdjęcia! Urzekł mnie twój blog!


  3. jaka śliczna :)


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