Hey there ! How good to write this article from my warm bed. I usually have to wake up at 8 am so this is really needed to me. I think that in few minutes I will dress up and go to Rollerblade, it's my favourite sport even when it's cold. Sport is always a good idea, but we have to remember about a good clothing. But about it I will talk a bit in different post.

This photos were made a day before Christmas when I was doing last shopping. I love to buy cosmetics and beautiful gifts. Because more important is to give not to get, for me of course. I really take care of this little packages which I have to donate to my family or Friends. I always cover them with a special paper. It's a big fun for me to play with this all colorful bows and ribbons.

Cloths which I wore were very comfortable. Flat booties, which really had to be war,because it was cold, my beloved grey coat from Zara and mint details. Blouse with long sleeves and bag, which I really love too. I love jewels so there must be a cool piece. Silver necklace which I got on my birthday.

outfit of the day:
Trousers: Zara 
Coat: Zara 
Blouse: H&M 
Bag: Stradivarius 
Shoes: Wojas 
Necklace: I am...

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