Four days left to Christmas Break. Two weeks without school, it sounds like a dream, doesn't it ? My list of things to do is too long hahah. But it's last week to survive. it's really hard to concentrate on learning so i spend more time on reading my favourite books, yesterday I started to read of John Green's books. It's really good.

My life in last few weeks was a real routine. I go to school, next I have about 40 minutes to make photos for a new post, because later it's going to be dark outside and I can forget about good light. Later on I so some shopping with my mum or dad and I spend all evening at home. It's too boring for me !

This session was made featuring to my real outfit, cozy outfit which I love to wear when I'm at school. When I was seating in school it was really sunny, i was happy that photos will be full of sun, but no !! An hour before the end of lessons it's started to be cloudy.  But it was enough light luckily.

But let's talk few words about an outfit. Extremaly comfortable and made to keep warm. Big sweater, black leggings, which are as universal as it's possible. My scarf, which is so heavenly soft. I love it so much ! It's really think which every woman should have !

Few details are always needed for sure. My watch and few silver and crystal bracelet's looks perfect connected with this outfit. And complement of the whole look. Louis Vuitton backpack which i got from my auntie about two years ago. It was my first designer think and it was always so fab !

I wish you all a fabulous Tuesday ! SEE YOU ON VICIRAGE !!!

 outfit of the day:
SWEATER: Vero Moda 
Leggings: Zara
Shoes: Lasocki 
Backpack: Louis Vuitton 
Scarf: Reserved 


  1. Cudny szaliczek, boska torebka ;3

  2. I agree that the winter routine is a bit boring and it's hard to take pictures because of an extremely short days - only 8 hours of daylight! At first I thought you were taking photos while ice skating, haha :-)



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