This post is a little sneak peak of effects of last Sunday's session with my sister. Very beautiful session la ballerina, which we made in our city's museum. Today I will lift the veil of secrecy and show you my portraits; which I absolutely love. They are very delicate and clear. Session was made as a surprise for my mum, because she always wanted to have our photos like ballerina. So this year we decided to make it like a Christmas gift.

I want to write few more words about how I prepared this make-up look and hair style. I wanted it to be seriously clear and beautiful, so make-up had to be very, very delicate, like make-up no make-up. I just put on my face a little bit of concealer and foundation. Then I didn't put bronzer on my chick - bones as usually but pink, which made my face look very healthy and happy. What about eyeshadows and lipsticks which I really love ? On my eyelids I put a pink eyeshadow From Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes Palette and pink lip gloss by Chanel on my lips. That's all.

What I did with my hair ? I made a a donut bun ( more informations HERE ) which was really comfortable and what's the moust important ! DELICATE. So in effect I have really flawless and light photos which my mum love and I'm so happy because of it.

Today is a next important date for VICIRAGE. It's our 100th post. One people can say that it's nothing, but for me it's quite a lot and I'm happy that it all still working. As you may know before Vicirage I had a lot of fashion blogs or mayby I tried to have fashion blogs, but I doesn't work. I wrote three our four posts and decided to stopr write, because I haven't got any new ideas or I just didn't want to do it, because of school of something like this.

This blog is a real fashion dairy for me. A lot of people critizies my blog, style and personality. But I don't think about them, because I do what I love and they do nothing. It's easy to judge other people, but harder to judge yourself. I think that everybody can do what he or she want and no one should say any bad word about it. That's my opinion.. so THANK YOU ONE MORE TIME AND HAPPY MONDAY FOLKS !!!

fot. Malwina Aurelia Atras 


  1. cool session

    I invite you to my blog followers, and I hope to do the same

  2. fantastic photos!

  3. cool


  4. jedna z twoich najlepszych sesji :)


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