Good morning loves ! We have Wednesday, it's the middle of the week, a lot of work before me, but a lot of enthusiasm in my heart. I decided to forget about boring, grey days and my bad mood. No way ! Why weather have to make our lives worse ! I started to think more positive and be happy because of winter. Luckily it's much better than rainy and wet fall. The most important is that we had more sun yesterday ! 

Navy blue … Uhhh I love this colour so much ! It's so deep and beautiful.  It's really one of the most fashionable colours this winter. We can wear it with everything ! Absolutely universal and chic. it can make every cozy outfit, looks very elegant. I wore very, very comfortable dress from absolutely soft material with long sleeves, because it's still cold. But this beautiful necklace, also my birthday present made this look so energetic and full of power. 

Black pantyhose are always a big classic. The most universal think ever. Every women has them. They fit to completely everything and always look so good and simple. Black booties which are high-heeled are a perfect addition to this black legs look.  It's really comfortable and pretty mix. Everyone can wear it !

And what's about this beautiful bag ? I wore it few times before and I want to show it again, because it's really genius ! So beautiful, full of classic and chic, in one word : gorgeous !!! you can wear it in many ways, so it's really good also in cozy version as in the very official and exclusive version. There's so many ways to compare it with many outfits. You just have to be creative ! 

And lips. A colours between red and burgundy. a light version of cherry on my lips is made by CHANEL . My very first Chanel lipstick which I got from my friends because of my birthday. it's so beautiful and deep shadow, which is absolutely perfect and classy. 

outfit of the day :
Dress : Reserved 
Bag : Primark 
Lipstick: Chanel 
Necklace : Baazar 


  1. good

  2. great bag!

  3. omg!!! gorgeous clutch!! love the chanel lipstick as well!! my favourite red shade is from chanel too! :D

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