Good morning everybody !! I'm so so sorry that I didn't post this article yesterday, but firstly i had problems with my computer and secondly this Monday it's my birthday. So I started to celebrate it yesterday. And I changed my computer ! Now I have better options. Better photos and everything will be much easier.

This outfit which I want to show you today is my typical winter clothing. I really hate freezing cold and arctic wind. It's the worst time for me. Only thing which help me to survive is a very warm outfit.  I always have to buy extra thick scarf and very warm shoes.

When I made this photos I was in Stettin. I love to go there with my parents to make some shopping and eat delicious Chinese food. There is really a lot of very good restaurants. My city have few too, but this city is much bigger and it's really close to my city so we really like to go there with my parents and sister.

Pink sweater is one of my favourite this fall, it's metallic and very very comfy, I really appreciate it. In addition too black trousers which are the best way when you have to seat some time in the car. This shoes. i really fall in love with them !! They are really multifunctional, pretty, warm, easy to clean, waterproof and they look nice. Just perfect shoes !!!You can saw different option of wearing them in this post.

I really love to add some cool necklace, so I wore my very beautiful, pink necklace which I put under my scarf. It looks great and I keep warm. Good way to be stylish is to find new ways in fashion. remember !!! First time this year I wore hat. Highest time to very everything : scarf, hat, gloves… And of course bag !!! my perfect Vernis Alma by Louis Vuitton which is so perfect for short trips.

outfit of the day:
Shoes: WOJAS 
Trousers: Zara
Sweater: Mohito 
Bag: Louis Vuitton 
Scarf: Zara



  2. Hi Wiktoria and congratulations for this outfit. Pink and gray for me is a really good mix. I like very much this look, especially your beautiful coat! I'm Eni, a blogger from Italy. I discovered your blog by Instagram and I followed right away. Now I follow you also on Google+. I hope you will follow me too. What do you think to follow us also on other socials? Let me know....Have a nice day, kisses,

  3. Happy Birthday! Lovely outfit. I love the pink sweater, it looks perfect paired with gray. Your necklace is awesome.

  4. I just adore the combination of baby pink and gray! It's perfect! :))

  5. <3333 such amazing coat

  6. Really nice combo of grey and pink, it's a big hit this season and you styled it perfect! Your coat is beautiful!

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  7. The bag is very cute :D


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