Almost everybody now has a smart phone in his hand. it's normal, we have 21th century so it's time to explore every possible option of our phone. Apps I think are the best way to personalize our IPhone. Everybody choose other options and install other apps. Today I want to share with you list of my best ones :D


Everybody who's sharing photos to Internet straight from the telephone should edit photos in a good program to have the best quality op photos. I chose Lightroom, because I'm using this on my computer and it's fantastic. There are all options to edit highlights, contrast and focusing. In addition too there are a lot of effects and filters. In one word there's everything you need to have better photos on your phone.


It's the best fashion app I've ever had. You open it and just see all new items, hottest outfits and everything connected with fashion actualization's. The biggest advantage of this program is an option which  give us an opportunity to create our outfit's buy this app and share it with other users of Polyvore. If you are interested in fashion, you really need to download it.


An application to make beautiful collages. It's perfect to mach few pictures, give them amazing effects or make a meme. It has a lot of fancy forms and also options which give you an opportunity to make a collage which looks like a cover of your favourite magazine. I use it especially when my friend have birthday and I have to make a funny collage of they photos to share on their Facebook. 


Very popular fashion social media, which IPhone app is so amazing. When you have few minutes you just open your mobile Lookbook and can take a look for new, hottest looks and go straight to the shops, by links connected with photos to buy the coolest pieces. You can also post your looks. 


  1. Tez mam kilka swoich ulubionych apek :)

  2. Mam moldiV xD i to jest serio epickiie hhhaha

  3. You look beautiful!



  4. świetny post, zapraszam do mnie! http://fashionbypaulina.blogspot.com/

  5. Very interesting post!


  6. Thank you for sharing! Lookbook is my favorite app!

  7. VSCO for iOS will do everything Lightroom does and has professional quality filters and rendering, I've stopped using the computer for image editing since moving to VSCO. It's not a toy like Afterlight and all the others. I don't take may portraits but have a look at what I've done here : https://www.flickr.com/photos/scotbot/sets/72157650104537475 to see the beautiful tones that it's capable of.


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