When I was a little girl I always wanted to be a ballerina, it was my dream , but not all dreams can come true. I was happy like a child while doing this session. It was a great adventure for me, because I had an opportunity to feel how hard it's do do this all figures. I was really tired after this three hours shooting in a museum room, but I also was happy that I did it. It's really big score for me . 

About my make-up and hair-style you can read in latest article, where I show you only portraits from this session, today I will show you all MY photos, because I have a last part of photos which I will share to you in last article from this little ballerina trilogy on my blog. It will be session with my beloved, little sister. It's our first session together, because she don't like to be a model and usually she's making me photos but now I have another photographer. 

Looking after a good skirt and and the rest of a costume was a real challenge, because in my little city it's hard to find a ballerina costume for 176 cm high girl. All are made for really little kids. Happily after two day's of calling to different rental offices of costumes I found a skirt for me. I was really happy because of fact, that I found it 24 hours before session. 

So I hope you guys will enjoy this post, please write what you think about it and free yourself in comments. Let's be creative and keep calm it will help us to survive winter, which I hate, because I hate cold, like I think almost everybody. Today in my city we have about -5 , so it was terrible for me. I spend all evening in my bed with 12th part of Pretty Little Liars. It's the best series of books I've ever read so I recommend it !  

Fot. Malwina Aurelia Atras 


  1. u look aww as ballerina!!

  2. Przepiękne są te zdjęcia, nie mogę się napatrzeć. :)

  3. so beautiful!

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  4. Look so gorgeous! Very nice blog you have, keep up the good work!


  5. beautiful!
    Kisses from Miami,

  6. Śliczne :)


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