I was sitting in my class during very boring polish lesson. We were talking about II World War and terrible things connected with this. And I hear. Snow ! In one moment everybody was looking outside the window. Millions of snow flakes were falling down. This white magic is thing which I love the most in winter. Smile reappear on my face. Today's shooting will be perfect I thought !!!

And this is what happened.  I was happy like never, because snow makes this climate. Without it winter is just grey, cold and boring part of the year. But when millions of this beautiful flakes cover the ground everything is better. I feel like during the Christmas. I'm just happy like a child. Who don't like snow ?! Maybe it's not a lot of it, but it's and I'm of course waiting for more. 

My outfit don't look like a typical winter look. No, no, no… Shorts in December ? Isn't it strange ? not for me !! leather shorts which actually love so much I compared with black pantyhose and black, flat shoes, flat because it was a little slippery today and I don't want to break something hahah.

To this beautiful, black, leather Short's I wore striped, absolutely soft shirt, which despite appearances is really warm. i love it, because it's really buffy, when I put it inside my trousers or Short's. all together looks very fashionable, chic and it's heavenly comfortable ( I still spend about 7 hours everyday in school ). 

This scarf which I got from my parent's because of Santa's day which is 6th December. This little beauty, is as soft and cuddly as you can't imagine. I put it on my neck and when I'm in a car it's like a pillow made from cloudet. It has two sides, with this heavenly soft fluff and second with very soft wool. I love it so much, because of functionality and colour, which is very light and delicate. 

And this coat.. uh I can say about it million of good words. It's really warm, when I wear it I file like in cozy pyjama next to the fireplace, so it's really nice in touch and colour. Very specific which I really like, because I think, I can compare it with almost everything. It has a heavenly soft woolen fur inside. perfect for colder days ! 

And my new watch. It's really chic and elegant, but you can also compare it with casual clothing, because it looks really great with everything. But pay attention when you want to wear something with gold accessories or details ! 

hahha my sister making snowballs in the theme. 

outfit of the day:
Bag: Versace 
Shorts: H&M 
Coat: Stradivarius 
Shirt - Zara 
Lips - Calvin Klein 


  1. cool

  2. Love the bag! so pretty!

  3. świetny pomysł z prowadzeniem bloga po angielsku, cudowne zdjęcia dobrej jakości, dziwię się, że masz tak mało obserwatorów bo zasługujesz na o wieeeele więcej ;)
    zaobserwowałam, miło jeśli się odwdzięczysz ;) - zapraszam do mnie, nowy post o muzyce, której ostatnio słucham :)

  4. Świetna stylizacja! U mnie jeszcze nie było śniegu ;c

  5. Julka mnie powaliła xDDD wygrala xD

  6. Great post and the snow looks beautiful. Thanks for sharing and happy Thursday.

    Eye See Euphoria :


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