Definitely YES. I feel this upcoming, the best time during the year. Maybe this Christmas we don't have any snow and it's really warm for December, but my house looks gorgeous. Lights, candles and decorations are everywhere. Everything smells like cinnamon, ginger and chocolate. I love it so much. Seating with my book next to the fireplace and Christmas tree. 

Dressing the Christmas tree is one of my favourite activities while getting ready for this magical time with my whole family. Time when we see the world through rose-colored glasses. We forget about all bad thing and spend time carelessly. Everything is just perfect, it's a real Christmas magic !!

Christmas is also time when we can help other people. For example this year I again took part in waffles action in my school. It means that whole day i spend with my friends at school's kitchen on baking waffles and selling them to the other students. All money were donated to charity for poor people.

I think that this little things can make us happier during this time and can help us to feel this magic. It's time when we especially can change the world. It's fantastic and we should do this. I wish you all magical time and happy preparing, baking and getting your houses ready. 



Thank you for every comment you add. It's the biggest motivation for me !