Berlin again… I love this city so much !! It's so big, full of different people, creativity and fantastic places. Weinachts Markt is one of my favourite things in Germany during the whole year. everything smells like a chocolate, ginger and cinnamon. real smell of Christmas. Hot wine and fruits in caramel and chocolate are everywhere. Everything sweet like a cotton candy. I love it so much ! 

It was next great school trip, so it's not a normal fashion post, because I didn't have an opportunity to make a street style session, but it's something like a small diary. Photos are made by me and my friends. thanks for photos :) . There were so much colours so beautiful scenery.

The day in capital city of Germany we started in aquarium and next we visited great Aquadom in Radisson Blue hotel. It was something gorgeous ! Next we had an hour in Arkada shopping centre = Victoria bought new goodies hahahha. What ? It's obvious - LIPSTICK ! This time by Mac, super nude colour and two other goodies, but it's for me. 

Of course i had some time to buy and eat my favourite cookies under the soon. Macaroons, another thing which I love in Berlin, is that I can buy this little goodies almost everywhere in this amazing city.  And next it was time to go to our destination. Biggest Christmas Market in Berlin next too the Alexa shopping centre, so it was connected with shopping again hahah. 

Amusement park, sweets and smiles everywhere. Everybody was happy there so I was in heaven too. I ate so much strawberries in chocolate… i love it to the moon and back. Now it's time to think about a diet hahah. Before comming back I bought few goodies in one of my favourite cosmetics shops : KIKO MILAN. But about this soon on the blog. 

I wish you all a happy monday and a lucky week ! See you on VICIRAGE.

Fot. Karolina Leszczyńska, Viktoria Szopińska 


  1. i love xmas markets so colorful:)

  2. Beautiful pics. Looks like a lot of fun. I love to go to the Christmas Market :D


  3. what a wonderful market! love it
    merry xmas sweetie

  4. cudowne foty <3

  5. Love this season so much. And dear let me just say that you're so pretty.♥

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