There's holiday season, no school and New Year very very soon, so I think that it's time to write few words about eye-make-up. It's really important part of make-up if you wear it of course. If you will underline your eyes and eyebrows correctly they will look bigger and more beautiful.

I don't have to do anything with my eyebrows, because they are very thick and dark, so I don't use any shadow, powder or gel, I just brush them a bit with special brush.

Firstly using Lancome drama eyes palette I put a light pink shadow on my eyelid and dark brown in the outer corner of the eye and blend all together. Remember that blending is really, really important ! Without it your make-up will be too intensive and just ugly.

 Next step is drawing a thin black line next to my lashes. I really love liquid eyeliner, but sometimes I just use a crayon, because lines don't have to be perfectly straight and similar. It's a faster option and for me perfect to school. I'm using LANCÔME no. 1, deeply dark crayon, which i really love, because it's really soft and have deep colour.

Finally ! Let's talk about mascara, definitely the most important cosmetic in eye-make-up. I was trying a lot of different ones, but LANCÔME Drama Eyes is THE BEST ! You must try it if you love thick and long lashes. It'd one of my favourites right now in all my cosmetics and trust me, you can't find anything better.



  1. Łaaał ! Jaka śliczna jesteś ! ;o
    Genialnie prowadzisz bloga ! ♥

    Pozdrawiam , Tośka ! ♥


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