Good Morning everybody ! How are you ? Is there everything okay ? I must admit that yesterday was so lazy for me. Al day of chilling first in the city and next in my room. I don't like days like this, but sometimes I need them. It was raining all the day. Terrible, so I made some Polaroids which are always good option.

Christmas tomorrow,  my mum is still doing something in the kitchen, everything smells delicious and decorations are everywhere. This the most incredible time is really close to us. It's time to pack gifts, make surprises and just spend time with family. I think that everybody love Christmas time and this all time of preparing food and any other things connected with it.

So I wish a Merry Christmas, a lot of hours spend with your family and best friends, delicious food, amazing gifts and I wish you to feel this real magic of this incredible time ! Enjoy the moment and play with time !!!

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