Good morning everybody ! Today is my birthday !!! I'm so so happy because of it !!! I think it's my favourite day every year hahah.  A lot of enthusiasm and happiness in my heart. Last weekend was gorgeous too, because of small party with my closest friends and family. It was so great and amazing.

Everything changed since last year. It's amazing how we can change our life in 365 days. Today I will write a story of last year and how this all changes happened. Everything started one year ago, a day before my birthday. I decided that I want to try to be a model. I started to train a lot, eat only healthy things and what's the most important I started to interest myself in fashion. And 7th December I went with my parents to models agency. Everything was fine, they told that they want me to work for them.

I had big dreams and ambitions, but everything changed when we read a contract. And there I have  the hardest decision in my life I think. I thought about all disadvantages, I had to go to the other countries for a long months without family, I had to workout very hard and I will never end school with good marks. So my parents and I, we decided to resign from this proposition. I think that going to be a model with very rigorous contract when you are only 14 it's not the best Idea.

I'm happy that I didn't do it. First two months were hard. I wasn't sure about my decision. I was still thinking about it, but luckily my parent's helped me and didn't let me to change our decision. I knew that i want to do something connected with fashion. And there appeared blogging. 27th April I made VICIRAGE alive. In the beginning it was hard, because I didn't tell anybody about my blog. I think that I was afraid of opinion of my society.

I was learning of editing photos, writing good articles and editing websites. I spend a lot of time with html books or articles about correcting light, contrast and colours of my photos. After my trip to Greece in May I told my parents about this what I'm doing. And I this moment I really started to write my blog. I started to share articles more often, they were better. I'm happy because of it.

Now everybody who know me, know that I write Vicirage. A lot of people around me laugh at me, but I don't care about it. I love fashion and I love sharing my point of view for fashion. It's easier to do nothing and be rude for other people. Why not ? but remember that in this way you will be nothing! Hard work is a key to success.

outfit of the day : 
Sweater : Medicine
Skirt : Mohito 
Bag: Primark 

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  1. Happy birthday sweetie! You look fantastic!




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