Happy Friday people ! The last they of school and first day of the weekend. I suppose that during the weekend many times every girl will have a problem what to wear ?! So today I want to give you an answer.

Firstly if you live in a country with as bad weather as in Poland you should wear something warm, what you can break with some adds, like for example high-heels. They should be in different colour than the rest of the outfit. I chose dark blue ones because they are very comfortable and I love to wear them.

If you go for a example for a dinner with your family you should chose something simple, elegant, but comfortable. Leggings which looks like made from crocodiles skin are the best example. In addition to White t-shirt with prints ( yes, prints) and jacket ! Please don't forget about scarf ! I think that grey one will fits perfectly to the rest of clothes in this outfit.

And of course jewels, bags... Small, black bag with silver details by Versace and few silver bracelets which fits to the silver earrings with small diamonds. That's all simple, but beautiful. I wish you all a perfect weekend !

outfit of the day:
Scarf: Zra
Bag: Versace 
Leggings: H&M 
T-shirt: H&M 
Shoes: Primamoda


Thank you for every comment you add. It's the biggest motivation for me !