Happy Monday people ! Today I'm back in school, because as you may know last week I spend at home because I was sick. So now I have more work at school, but today I want to write you about my weekend, which was absolutely fantastic. I spend it in Tropical Island .

It's sounds interesting, isn't it ? Tropical Island with aqua park and a lot of other attractions in the middle of Germany, everything is under the roof. Genius idea. I was there threetimes before, but it never make me bored. I just hate bad weather and a day in this island makes me completely happy. There's hot like during holiday all the time, so I don't have to be worry about my clothing. I wear only bikini, flats and simple dress.

The biggest part in this complex I spend of course in swimming pool, so I don't need anything else. You have small bracelet on your hand, which is your wallet, and that's it. You can try some delicious dishes or cocktails. I like they mango juices and food. There are a lot of restaurants. Asian one is my favourite.

Strolling through the jungle and out and about in Bali village. That's what I like the most. You just feel like on real vacation, but you are so close to your home. I had only 300 km to go, it's really not a lot and it's worth visiting.



  1. genialny blog <3
    będę tu wpadać :D

  2. Cudowne zdjęcia i przepiękna Ty :) Ach zatęskniłam za latem :)

  3. Też tam byłam, coś pięknego, mam nadzieję, że pojadę tam jeszcze raz :)
    Obserwuję i pozdrawiam serdecznie!


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