Good morning everybody ! Weather is terrible, I'm sick again and I have a lot of work. It's really hard to sea all hours with biology book, but I want to take a part in competition which will be really helpful when I will choose a new school next year.

Yesterday when I felt better and had an hour between lessons I made few photos in park. I think It's the last place where not everything is grey and sad. I hate something like this because I'm a huge lover of colours, hot weather and sun. Sun goes down at 4 pm and what to do then ? I have only to learn,

It's very cold now so I had to buy some cool jackets and coats. I think that a big scarf and fur it's great too. Of course booties and long trousers. For a while I can forget about dresses. It's to wet. Of course my favourite, big Prada bag, because I need a lot of space for my pieces and notebooks.

outfit of the day:
Trousers: Cubus 
Shoes: Wojas
Bag: Prada
Scarf: Mohito 
Jacket: Bershka


  1. świetna stylizacja i widzę że u ciebie

    jeszcze piękna jesień

  2. stylizacja idealna na obecnny klimat :)
    + świetne zdjecia! :)

    zapraszam do siebie na nowa dawke zdjec :)


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