Weather is so horrible now. I hate days like this. I'm sorry that I published this article so late, I wanted to share it today's morning, but yesterday I had so hard day. I didn't go to school, because I felt so terrible and next I had so much to learn. Two hard exams in one day. Sometimes I want to lay and cry. But let's be strong and never give up.

I start the day with a cup of my favourite tea. I hear a rain on my windows, wear my warm and what's the most important comfy clothes and go to school with a cup o f coffee this time. I really need it. Loose pony tail on my had and light make-up. That's all what I wear to school.

I hope that in few days weather will be better and I will have an opportunity to make some great photos outside. Happy evening folks !

Fot. Julia Nadolna

outfit of the day:
Blouse - Simple
Leggings - Gatta
Cup - Starbucks 
Scarf - Reserved
Backpack - House
Shoes -


  1. Great photo :)
    I invite to me :)

  2. super :)

  3. So pretty! I wish we had winter weather over here in Cali :)


  4. Świetna stylizacja, uwielbiam takie proste i klasyczne połączenia :)
    Obserwuję, bo zachwyciłam się Twoim stylem :)

  5. Swietny post i piekne zdjecia ;3

    Poklikasz w linki? To dla mnie bardzo wazne. Dziekuje <3

  6. Nice blog and Article.


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