I don't have energy ! I don't want ! I want to sleep ! The most popular sentences during the fall. We are very lazy without any ambitions, but there are few things, which can help us to relax when we have some free time, during working, learning and doing our favourite activities. Below you can find a list of my fall essentials, which I can't live without !

Something good to read 

Fashion Month just ended, so Vogue is very full, of photos straight from the runway. We must be tuned with new fashion, so we have to read something good. In the same way reading is very relaxing thing and when you have problem with sleeping, you should take a book, read few pages and you will go sleep in the same moment.

Good music in my headphones

Music is a very important part of your everyday live. We  can move to the other world, when we are listening our favourite songs, so good Ipod and headphones are necessary. I chose Ipod Nano by Apple and CX 980  headphones by Sennheiser. They are very comfortable, with good volume and quality of sound.

Healthy Snacks 

We have less sun and fresh vegetables or fruits so less vitamins. We have to eat especially healthy now. Usually I chose nuts, cranberry cookies and blackberry tea. Delisious and also very important for our health. A lot of people is sick now so we have to eat more vitamin c for example. Don't forget about it.

fot. Julia Nadolna


  1. Piękna jesteś! <3

  2. Mam tak samo ♥

  3. Love all your pics, great look! :)

  4. Śliczna jesteś <3
    Ja już obserwuję może teraz ty mnie ? ;*


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