Yesterday was such a great day. I was on a school trip in Potsdam. It's city placed very close to Berlin, Germany. I was few times before,  but yesterday we saw more than before. Beautiful palaces, breathtaking gardens and a lot of perfectly made details of architecture. It was an interesting lesson of history. Such a lot of important things happened there.

When we were walking through this beautiful gardens we saw such a lot of fountains, flowers and hidden buildings.Architecture of  China, Russia, Germany, Holland. Every thing make beautiful city together. At the end we have about two hours on main street of Potsdam. We went for a dinner. Of course sushi. In my city we don't have a great sushi bar, but there it's such a lot of them. It was delicious. California maki, shrimp and octopus sushi and of course fresh mango juice.

Then of course small shopping and cafe time in Starbucks. What I bought ? Nut a lot but .... Yves Saint Laurent lipstick and Dior nail polish. I like days like this, because I love to travel, go on sightseeing and new some new stories and facts from our history. I hope that I will travel more in future.

Thank you for tooking photos : Jola Pestrowicz and Kamila Nasińska.


  1. Nice pictures! :D


  2. It's great : ) I love potsdam ♥


  3. Świetny post! Przepiękne zdjęcia ;o :)

    nowy post, zapraszam c: http://lusialuska.blogspot.com/

  4. Piękne zdjęcia :)

  5. Ale tam ładnie! Piękna dziewczyna z Ciebie :)


  6. Zdjęcia są na prawdę świetne.
    Co powiesz na wspólną obserwację.?
    Zacznij na pewno się odwdzięczę.

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