I was waiting for this collection for many weeks and I was so happy to take a look for this amazing clothes. Catwalk show started about 2am of my time, so I didn't sleep whole night. It was the night before my leaving to Potsdam so I had to enough time to sleep in a bus. I saw a lot of photos of pieces this collection in Internet before, but when show started it was looking better and better with every minute of watching.

Alexander Wang is a very good designer with good creative mind. I'm such a big fan of him, so when I heard that he will make a collection for one of my favourite shops I didn't know what to expect. He chose sporty, comfy and very modern style to create his collection. It's all dark, mixing black and grey with very fancy forms. We can't say that it's not different, but it's gorgeous. I can say that I can't wait to buy some cool pieces when it will be in H&M shops.

What do you folks think about this collection ? Do you like it ?


  1. I really really love this collection, I'm mostly surprised at how pricey they turned out to be, but it is Wang

    99 OUTFITS

  2. love this collection.

  3. Love it


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