ORGANIZATION !It's very important in school, everyday life, working and blogging. Sometimes it's hard to remeber about everything, exams, posts, meetings and lessons. Everything can be easier, when we have a good app in our iPhone and calendar. Of course if we want every simple element can be fashionable and nice. It can't be boring and average.

I bought some cool pieces, which are designed by redaction of my absolutely favourite, fashion magazine, ELLE !!! Perfect magazine, for every woman loving, fashion, luxury beauty and travel. I buy it every month and really love to sea with a cup of my favourite tea and read it. Calendar as precisious as a diamond is very easy to use because of speciall font and arrangement of every sites. In addition to in the begining of every month you can win something.

Next cool piece is of course my iPhone case which is designed by Elle Spain. It's really modern, chic and looks really nice. I love it. The best cover I've ever had. On the back of my phone I have all, the most famous covers of Elle Spain from 20's. It's made for every woman loving fashion, timeless, chic and of course ELLE.

 I wish you a great school year, good time spend in school and good marks of course. Have a nice day people !!!


  1. O matkkoooo !
    Też chcę te numery !

  2. Bardzo ładny case na telefon :)

  3. Śliczne zdjęcia, podoba mi się ten kalendarz :)

  4. Świetny blog.


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