Hi people! My camera is better now so I can share with you my next post. It will be proposition perfect for summer, but first I want to remind you, that I write for you for three months! The blog is growing, vicirage is better and better. We have more views and more people, who regularly visit this blog. I'm so happy about this and I want to say THANK YOU for everything. I hope that you will still visit vicirage and follow us. In few days I will share post, where you will find links, to all social media, where you can follow vicirage and me.

Today we take photos for you in my favourite restaurant, it's Dolce Gusto. It's the best restaurant with Italian food in my city. The best think I've every eaten in this restaurant? Shrimps with garlic and herbs. Delicious. To drink of course lemonade with a lot of ice. At the end Creme Brulle with raspberries. Perfect meal in perfect place. So I decided to make photos here ! 

It;s so hot today, so it's time to wear a skirt. It's a cute, grey, plited skirt, which you can see in previous post. Coral t-shirt and my cute, flats, which I bought in Greece. They are so comfortable and perfect for a day in the city. I like them very much. Below the post you will find a shop when you can buy similar once.

As you know, during super hot days I don't like to wear too much jewelry, so today I wear only my favourite, delicate ring, dark, blue bracelet and my new earrings, which I think are so, so cute. Little silver butterflies ! I love them so much ! 

Do you remember my first Louis Vuitton bag. Today I decided to to take this one, because I didn't wear this one for a couple of weeks. It's very elegant, so it don't fit to cozy look.I hope you will comment this post and stay updated! Next post will be very important and a little different. Have a nice evening people ! 

fot. Julia Nadolna

outfit of the day:
Bag: Louis Vuitton 
Shoes: Greek Sandals ( similar here )
Skirt: House ( similar here )
T-shirt: Cropp 


  1. Great outfit! You look lovely

  2. Your look is très joli!

  3. wow pretty dress


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