Last days of summer.... It's time when we go for shopping and buy some cool pieces too our backpack. Your school accessories doesn't have to be boring. You can buy first copybook you will see and average pencil case. You will put this items to a sport bag, which will have a half of your class friends. But that is not the point !

I love to go between the shelves in the shops and make my set complete. Every item must have specific color and be different than other products. This year I chose metallic blue and pink. My copybooks must be ecological of course. I think that ecology is the best trend which was ever created. We must take care of our habitat. Even buying ecological copybooks helps protect our planet. So this school year let's do something good for us and buy only ecological copybooks. 

But here our backpack and pencil case are the most important things. They must be original and different. This year when I was looking after some cool one, I had a big problem, because every pencil case was made for small children ( yes, with hello kitty and spider man) or for young peolpe I found only 5 models, so I bought a small, metallic gold beautician. It will be perfect for me as a pencilcase. 

This year I didn't want to buy a bag which I will put on my sholder, beacuse very often it's havy and wearing bag in this moment is very unhealthy. So I decided to buy a backpack. I bought leather one. Why ? Because I wanted it look good with my comfy-chic outfit's. If I will buy a sporty one I will look funny in skirt with this on my back.So this is the best choise for me. So have a good shopping and nice day. Stay updated !



  1. przygotowania do szkolu ruszyly pelna para :) czasami mi brakuje ,czasy szkoly mam juz za soba

  2. Te zeszyty są świetne ! :)

  3. Świetny outfit! :)
    Oki możemy obserwować, ja już i liczę na uczciwy rewanż :)

  4. You look adorable! Love the cool backpack :)

  5. You're beautifull <3
    zapraszam do mnie :*

  6. Great post !
    I follow you :) I wanna you follow me back

  7. I already follow you now :)
    Good post ♥


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