50th post I write for you !

Today is a special day for me and for VICIRAGE ! It's 50th post I write for you. For this occasion I prepared a special photo session, in very special place ! When I started to write VICIRAGE I thought that it will be only my small fashion diary, my small lookbook. But I was wrong. It's something more. It's my small place in the world where I can write everything what I think and share with you my view of fashion ! And of course I didn't expect that VICIRAGE will have such a lot of views and comments every day. Thank you for reading !

Photo session for this special occasion was prepared with attention to every small detail. Clothing, place, weather, make-up, condition of my photographer and of course my creativity. It all made, that today I can share with you photos from this special session named: BLACK PEARL !

Photos were made by my little photographer, yes my photographer is only nine years old and she's my sister. But age doesn't matter. Look at her photos. I think that they are gorgeous ! She's really talented. She now where I should make my photos, where we have good light and scenery. I love her so much and today I want to say Thank You. I know that sometimes when I went to her room and say : Julia it's session time, she makes her look and say: YOU ARE CRAZY. But she stands up and go with me to prepare session.

But I want to say Thank you of course to my fans, readers and followers. I write for you. To inspire and discover fashion with you. Maybe we don't talk in reality, but we talk by Reading my blog. Thank you and stay updated ! 

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outfit of the day:
Dress: Sans Soucci
Shoes: Stradivarius


  1. Jak Ty cudownie wyglądasz! Pytałaś
    u mnie o wspólna obserwację ;-)
    Obserwuję ;-)
    pozdrawiam ;*


  2. Cudna sukienka ♥
    Chętnie obs=obs. Zacznij i napisz komentarz u mnie na blogu :)

  3. That dress is amazing and it looks great on you. I like the pictures.


  4. Cudowna sukienka. ślicznie =D

  5. zgadzam się na wspólną obserwację ;) Ja już

  6. Masz bardzo ładny styl. Sukienka jest dobrze dobrana i oczywiście genialna.

  7. Hi! I saw your comment on my blog! I followed your blog on bloglovin, follow mine back :) ?
    Very nice dress, by the way :p

  8. Lovely post and it's so cutte your 9 year old sister does it! Shes a great photogrpaher props to her! congrats on your 50th post! I just stumbled upon your blog! And wow it is amazing, definitely one which is great for inspiration. I love this post specially the great vivid pictures! I would love for you to check out my blog, which by just scrolling through your page, I know you will love!! Keep up the good work

  9. Beautiful photos. I absolutely love that dress. It's gorgeous and looks amazing on you

    Made in Mauve

  10. Piekna sukienka, wyglądasz uroczo!
    Bardzo dobrze zrobione zdjęcia!
    Może zajemna obserwacja?

  11. Bardzo ładnie wyglądasz, może wspólna obserwacja?

  12. piękna sukienka! zakochałam się w niej :)

  13. Ładna sukienka (nie bawię się w obs\obs), ale masz :) Super design .

  14. Cudowny blog, piękne zdjęcia, masz fajny styl:) Obserwuję


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