Sunday. The last the of the week I spend on the beach. The scent of sun protection cream, the salt in the hair that makes it so fuzzy and pretty to style and this breeze you feel on your skin. Ah, summer ...  Sun simply sets me in a great mood. I'm just smiling when I see this sand, waves and see. It's a time of blissful relax. Summer is my favourite part of the year and I always love our trips with parents to the see. I don't like to only lie on the sand and admire views. I like to go for a walk by the see.

I;'m used to cover myself up with tones of clothes, make-up and jewels, but it's time to take a rest, walk only in my beautiful, white bikini with delicate patterns and gold details. Just hat on my head. I really fall in love with this one. White and gold stripes really looks great together on my head and fits perfectly to my swimsuit.

Don't forget about sunglasses ! Eye protection is really, really important, especially during the summer. We must take care of our eyesight and skin around our eyes. Pay our attention for our health . On my hand I have too completely colorful bracelet;s. This kind of bracelet's is very popular now. This two bracelet's are a gift for my from my sister. I really like them, because they are rubber, colorful and durable, so I can swim with them on my hand.

outfit of the day:
Swimsuit: Cubus ( here and here )
Sunnies: Ray Ban 
Hat: F&F


  1. Nice pics! You look great

  2. Great photos dear and I love your hat! Looks like a good day at the beach! :)


  3. Totally in love with your hat *_*


  4. Очень красивые фотографии!)

  5. Piękne widoki! :) I boski kapelusz, nie wspominając o idealnej figurze :D

  6. Beautiful *.*


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