In the beginning I would like to apologize you, I didn't write since tuesday, but I was sick. I had to spend all the time in bed, it's terrible when outside is beautifull weather, but you can' go outside and meet your friends. I did it and now I feel better. So it's time to go for a wallk and present you my today's outfit.

White, white, white... It's the best colour for summer I think. So today my lovely shirt, without sleaves which is sewn from two big triangles is white too. It's perfekt for very, very hot days. In addition to classic jeans shorts and black sandals, with very delicate black sandals with a small, gold detail.

From jewels, simple bracet, ring and that's it. When it's very hot I don't like to wear much jewels, because then I feel very heavy. So that's all. I forgot we have more than 3 000 views. THANK YOU VERY MUCH ! Don't forget to follow and comment. Have a nice evening folks !!

P.S. Now I'm going for a runoff canoe with my parents. I will be back tomorrow so I can't promise you that I will write something tomorrow, but I will try. Bye.
   Fot. J. Nadolna 

outfit of the day:
Shoes: Traf 
Shirt: H&M
Shorts: C&A
Ring: Stradivarius 

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