I'm so happy today, after a long break few days ago, I didn't write for about week, my blog came back to the old possition. Again we have a lot of views every day !!! I'm creazy about my blog so it really chenged my day, when I opened blogger and had this nice suprise. Next super day ahead, which I spend on eating ice-creams, walking and later swimming in the lake near to my house.

My today's outfit is perfekt for super hot, summer days. I wore my lovely, embroidered, white shorts. I really love things like that. On the top I wear black shirt with bouffantt sleves and silver necklace which give more brightness. To this look perfektly fits this small, black Versace bag with silver accents.

I hope you like to read my blog. Don't forget to follow and comment my blog. Kisses xoxo.

P.S. It' 30th post I wrote for you. I'm so happy because of it !
Fot. Julia Nadolna 

outfit of the day:
Shorts: H&M
T-shirt: H&M
Shoes: Ryłko
Necklace: Cubus
Bag: Versace

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