Next day of summer, but today a little bit colder. It rains a lot. In one moment we can see rainbow. A lot of colours on the sky. What a nice view! It's always time for a walk. I love walking, because we can breath with freash air and enjoy the every moment. Rain isn't an obstruction. I take umbrella to my hand a go for a nice walk into the city. As always small shopping, today I bought some new cosmetics. In few days I will share new make-up post. Stay updated!

Today pastels where the main think when I was choosing my outfit. It's white shirt with long sleves and blue, shaded shorts. Shoes... my new black sandals with siler accents on the top. From jewels I decided to wear only simple rings. Necessary is my lovely pastel Louis Vuitton Bag. Today I follow principle : "If you will wear less, you will look better". I think taht sometimes We should wear something absolutely simple without a lot of jewels.

Today that's it. I hope that you will enjoy this post and don't forget to follow and comment. Good night.

fot. Julia Nadolna

outfit of the day:
Bag: Louis Vuitton
Shorts: Modo
Shirt: Bershka
Shoes: Ryłko

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