MY FAVOURITE STEP BY STEP MAKE-UP LOOK. Hi people! I hope you enjoy few last days. I had a problem with my camera, so I can't make phots. I had a lot of new ideas, it was really terrible. I spend a lot of time on sitting in my cozy clothes and relax because I was sick again. I don't now why in the best part of the year I must be sick as often. Now I came back to my favourite part of the day.. writting new post. Today abou my favourite nude make-up.

This nude look with underlined eyes has always been one of my favourite ones. It's a mix of not very heavy nude eye make-up and dark lines so togeather it looks great, I must admit, the ones loving the natural look, well I might say it's not really for you, but those of you who just love to have a little fun with make-up then well you go to try this tutorial right below.

You should start with puting some cocealer under you eye. I fell in love with this INGLOT one. It's very thin so it's good only forpeople which have "baby" skin. I delicately dabbe it under my eyes.

Next I put super light foundation on whole face. It's not as heavy as normal foundation, but I buy it because I haven't got problems with my skin. It's absolutely perfekt because I don't like to feel like haveing mask effect on my face.

Depending on how you like to contour your face, arm yourself with your favourite bronzer and a contouring brush to slightly draw a delicate line undermeath your cheeckbone to your mouth, creating a little crease. It will make your look deeper and more suptle. I like to use a mosaik bronzer by INGLOT, they do some of my favourite products.

There we go! The face make-up is ready. Here we go with the eye make-up! I'm using Hypnose Palette Star Eyes by Lancome. It's the best eyeshadow I'e ever bought. Firt I put some of lightest brown on moving eye shadow and a little of of this light gold shadow under my brows. Next I make line around my eye with black eye shadow which is better than eye-liner for me. It lookes more delicate. I think that I'm to young to make to heavy eye make-up.

Let's touch for the eyes: the mascara! I'm using L'Oreal million lashes gold one and have been absolutely loving it.

And finally the last touch: Pink lipstick by KIKO, but to this eye make-up you can wear every lipstick. Let's have a fun with make-up and stay updated!

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  1. very beautiful<3


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