Minty is a color to wear. I absolutely love this colour, especially when it's minty, maxi dress. Today it was colder, so I let myself to wear this long, mint dress with jeans on the top. chic and loose, cute and elegant, this dress contain it all. It's perfekt for me. I didn't wear jewels, because I think, that this dress doesn't need something to add. Black shous on my feets of course and this cute, white bag from eduine leather.

Today I want to tell you, that my blog is growing up. I want to thank you very much, that we have more than 5000 views. Every day morning, when I wake up I take my Iphone and see more and more views I'm the happiest person in the whole world. It's really important for me to express myself and my style. I'm still working at photography quality, but it's so hard when your photographer is still learning of photography secrets and I spend a lot of time on corecting mistakes in photo editor.

But I think that it's worth, because I belive, that if somebody work harder and harder, the succes will be bigger and bigger. So Enjoy reading of my blog, don't forget to follow and comment and have a nice evening folks! ( I change a little the view of my blog, to easier following me in social media ).

fot. Julia Nadolna

outfit of the day:
dress: local boutique
Shoes: Ryłko
Bag: Borse in Pelle boutique


  1. This outfit is really really cute *_* your skirt is amazing


  2. You are very beautiful! You must be a model :)


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