LIGHTNESS... It's the most important think during the summer for me. Loose, light clothes with colorfull details are my must haves during the summer. If you think that it's too boring you can add same beautiful details. Sunnies with colored lenses which looks like mirror are perfekt. I decided to buy Ray-Ban ones which you can see in a lot of my summer looks.

You kow that I prefere clothes without any prints, but for this t-shirt without sleves I made an exception to the rules. It's beautiful !!! I really love it. Mint, orange and pink florals, fethers, checks and triangles. In addition to I wear white shorts and black sandals with silver accents on the top.

During this super hot summer days I prefere to have bigger handbags, because I can put to my bag for example a bottle of water. To this bag perfektly fits my earrings, which are in the same colour as my bag. Thay are heavy but it's worth to wear them.

fot. Julia Nadolna

outfit of the day:
Bag: Stradivarius
Shoes: Ryłko
T-shirt: Stradivarius
Shorts: House Trademark
Earrings: Claire's

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