Hi folks, I hope you have a good, summer time now. I spend whole last night on changing the view of my blog. It looks better and better. Now I'm seating in my dad's office and I'm still working at my blog. I'm working on photos. Today I have a little different post for you.

When outside we have more than 30 degrees we should drink a lot. The best are cold drinks :  smoothies, shakes and ice-creams. Sometimes we don't know what to drink we should make. So today I have some propositions for you. I will share with you my favourite ideas and recipes.

1.Watermelon smoothie.


  • half of watermelon
  • strawberry syrup
  • ice cubes
  • one lemon
We mix the watermelon and next add 2 spoons of strawberry syrup and mix again. At the end to the shaker we add lemon and ice-cubes. We mix it tugeather and put to the glasses. I decorate it with a piece of watermelon and few liefs of mint. I love it ! I feel like I'm in heaven when I'm lying in the garden with glass of this smoothie in my hand during the super hot, summer day.

P.S. In addition to Perfect is fried mozarella with cranberry souce and basil. 

2. Mix of sorbets with trupical flawours.

What we need:
  • mango sherbet
  • apricoat sherbet
  • raspberry sherbet
  • few lifes of mint
  • frozen raspberries
  • frozen blackberries
To a big ice-cream cup I put for one ball of every kind of sherbet. At the top I put a couple of frozen raspberries and blackberries. I decorate it with mint ( I love everything to look beautiful ). It's perfekt when I want to spend a moment only with myself and think a lot. I eat this during winter too.

3. Vanilla and strawberries. 

For me perfect duo. Cold vanilla flavored ice-creams and fresh strawberries are always delicious. You only need two ingredients: strawberries and vanilla ice-creams. Simple and easy but heavenly delicious. 

4.Oreo ice-creams. 

They are absolutely delicious. They taste like Oreo, but they are bigger and the most important, they are cold. I love them! You can buy them I think in every shop. 

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