I hope you had a fabulous weekend people! I devoted my weekend for some family meetings and spending time with them. It's very important for me to have good relationship with my family. In Saturday to Poland came my auntie from USA, so we went to the airport and next we ate some dinner in my grandma's house. I like days like this, when we seat together and talk a lot.

Sunday was a special day, because I took a part in my little cousin christening and specially dinner because of it. So today I want to present you what I choose for this special occasion. It's loose dress in fuchsia color, because we had very hot day. In addition to I wear my black sandals, because it was something like picnic, so I can't wear high-heels. I wore them only to church.

In addition to I wear my lovely, small, Gucci, big, crystal earring and small, silver ring, which I wore in the middle of my finger.

outfit of the day:
Dress: Sugar Free
Bag: Gucci
Shoes: Ryłko
Earrings: Cubus
Ring: Apart

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