Welcome June ! It was first think about what I thought when I woke up today morning, but I didn't see what's happening outside. I counted for more than 25 degrees, sun and blue sky. But it was only a dream. Thermometer idicated 12 degrees and I saw rain and wind. What a shame! I decided to make my world lighter by wearing something white. Fortunately, before I went outside temperature was higher and I can wear short's and sandals.

My today's outfit is very casual, comfy but chic. It contain: jeans shorts, spreading, white shirt without sleaves which is sewn from the circle and my super soft and heavenly comfortable blazer in creamy colour which is lightly shaded with colour of coffe with milk. In addition to of cours something colorfull..... mint bag with gold accents, few of my favourite, gold rings and my lovely black, flat sandals with gold on the top. 

Today it rains a lot so I need umbrella, which I think can't be black, because it makes our world darker what is bad when it rains. I suppose that if everyone on the street during the rainy day will have umbrella in all colours of the rainbow this day will be better, because colours can change our mood. So have a nice day. 

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fot. J. Nadolna

Outfit of the day :
Shorts: Reserved
Rings: Stradivarius
Umbrella: Milano
Shoes: Kazar 
Blazzer: Reserved
Shirt: H&M

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