I hope you had a great beggining of the day people ! I spend my morning with a glass of cold coctail and one of my favourite books in the garden. Enjoying every second of this moment. Relax is something, what everyone needs. I love books, especially about fashion and criminals. I hope that in the future I will share with a list of my favourite ones.

After the great beginning of the day it's time for a day with a lot to do. Looking after some wonderful clothes, spending some time with my sister, writing for you of course and helping my parents. In the evening I have to go to the lae with my parent's, because now we have extremaly high temperatures in our country. When you go outside you feel like and ice-cube in hot latte.

Now when we have a middle of the summer, we shuold wear something comfortable to survive the heat. Today I chose very comfortable, black shorts and very delicate, coral shirt, sewn from very thin material, which is perfekt for every, hot day. Sunglasses are necessary to protect your eyes. Today I wear my favourite ones by ray-ban. In addition to some of my favourite, gold details.

So have a nice day and let's enjoy the every moment of the summer, because it's very short. Don't forget to comment and follow. Bye xx.

Fot. Julia Nadolna 

outfit of the day:
Shoes: Kazar
T-shirt: Cropp
Sunnies: Ray- Ban
Bag: Gucci

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