We have next, super hot day ! Summer people ! It's time when we can experiment with colours. We can mix colours and paterns like we want. I love this feeling that I can wear everything. My outfit today mix to shadows of one colour. And accesories in other colours. But first I will tell you few word about something different.

Two days ago when I edited my blog's view I added my e-mail and somebody wrote to me, that they are from newspapers. It wasn't real so please don't make me jokes like that. I know that some people laugh at me, because I write blog, but I think that if somebody love doing this, any other people can't tell me that it's stupid. I have one very important for me think: Let's do this what you love. Blogging always was my dream and I will do this how long how I will want. 

Let's take a look for my today's outfit. There  are jeans, high-wasted shorts and chequered shirt without sleves. In addition to silver necklace made from one part, which I wear under collar. In addition to my lovely black high-heels and pink Louis Vuitton. Perfekt outfit for summer walk. 

Outfit of the day: 
Shorts: Sinsay
Shirt: H&M 
Shoes: Stradivarius
Necklace: Stradivarius 
Bag: Louis Vuitton 

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