Finally I have the end of my exams and I can devote more time for writing new posts for you and shooting new photos. I had a lot of work, because the last month of school year is the hardest and I spend a lot of time on learning and to write posts for you I had to stay at night and write posts which I made available next day. But now I will not have exams, only a prom at the 24th of June and the official end of the school year at 27th June. So I can finally say that I have HOLIDAYS !!!

Today is very sunny and warm but, when at 8 o'clock I went to school it was colder than now so I need something to cover, so I chose my lovely, absolutely universal black coat. In the middle of the day we had about 28 *C so I wear my new mint-white checkered dress with the noches on the back, which is decorated with lace on the back.

Very important in this outfit is big, black chanel bag with gold chains. It's perfekt when you mast have everything in your bag, but it fits perfektly when you want to be chic. You can carry it in many wais so it's very comfortable. In addition to I wear my gold-pink bracelet. In addition to I wear my dark blue high-heels which are very, very comfortable and I can walk with them whole day.

I hope that now  I will write every day, I think that it will be fantastic, because I really love this blog and chance to express myself  in my outfitf, and chance to share it with you. It's very important for my, to write better and better articles and I work  on it all the time. So I hope that you will like it and don't forget to follow and comment.

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outfit of the day:
BAG : Chanel 
DRESS : Stradivarius 
BRACELET : Sinsay 


Thank you for every comment you add. It's the biggest motivation for me !