Hi! Today I had a lot of work, but weather was better than yesterday so I feel better. I spend a lot of time on helping my mum and next on drinking tea with my grandmothers, but fortunately I found some time to make quick photos for todays article. I  chose very comfy clothes and flat shoes, because all day I was harry so I haven't got time for high-heels.

Let's say about details of my todais outfit. It's white, printed t-shirt with locks on the sides, so I can put the front into my trousers, what I think look very good. I chose, my lovely pink trousers with three gold locks in front of. This trousers are very comfortable, so I can do everything when I wear them, jump on trampoline with my sister, sweep and slumber. I absolutely love them. In addition to I wear my reliable ballerinas, which are very delicate and simple. What about jewels ... I wear my two, favourite rings and that's it. When I see this look I think simple, comfort and colours.

I want to thank you very much for more than 2000 views and a lot of comments I hope that you enjoy this blog. I do it with heart, so I hope that my posts will be better and better. So don't forget to comment and come back to my blog. BYE ! :)

outfit of the day:
Shoes: Kazar
T-shirt: New Yorker
Trousers: New Yorker
Bag: Reserved


  1. Great outfit and you look gorgeous. Wish to check out my blog


Thank you for every comment you add. It's the biggest motivation for me !