We have summer !!! It's time when we must protect and take care of our skin because of sun and wind. We don't wear to much make-up during the summer, because we spend a lot of time on sport and swimming, so we can wear only waterproof mascara. We must have impregnable skin, which will be purity shine. It's very important to have healthy, hydrated skin. we should spend more time on makeing little SPA for our face.

Today I want to show you my must haves to face care. It's to types of mask, peeling and gel to everyday washing of my skin.

1. Mask from olives by AVON. It's very good when my skin is very dry. I put it on my face for 10-15 minutes and next I rinse it. After using this my skin is fabulously soft and hydrated. I use it once a week and I think that it's enough. I think that the best time to use this mask is before we go sleep, because during the night our skin will have time to breathe.

2. Cleansing mask with gray clay by AVON. Next cosmetic by AVON. I really like their products, because they are perfekt for my skin and they are very efficient. I don't use this mask regularly, only when when my skin need cleaning. I put it on my face for 8-10 minutes and next rinse it. It's perfekt when you want to achieve the effect of absolutely silky and matte skin.

3. Peeling by Apothecary Stor. Sometimes my skin is very rough and dry,  unpleasant to toch. This time I use my peeling with Fig and Honey, which make my skin softer. Usually I use it before using next cosmetic which I want do present you. 
4. Creamy gel to sensitive skin by Under 20. It's the best cosmetic I've ever bought. Really ! It's absolutely perfekt. I have very dry, sensitive skin, but sometimes I've problems with pickles and something like this. To everyday care I use this creamy gel. I wash my face by this cosmetic twice a day and it gives really good effect. 

Have a nice beginning of the week and stay updated !! 

Fot. Julia Nadolna 

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  1. Thanks for great tips!! Your article is really awesome. Using Sakare's skincare serum helps to keep my skin fresher, younger and brighter.


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