I hope that you had a good sunday people. I spend all the time today on lying and sleeping, because I didn't sleep a lot today at night and I have a little bit bad condition. Sometimes I need to spend all day on being lazy, because I feel like I'm seek. At about 3 pm I went for a walk and come back at home to write new postr you. Tomorrow I'm starting the last week of school. It will be hard with thinking every day three days left, two days left... but let's do it !

Today I want to share with you very classic outfit with grey, pleated skirt with black, stretchy belt and ........ my absolutely gorgeous shirt in beautiful blue colour decorated with gold clasps in the shape of studs. I didn't button up this to the end, becaude I wanted it to look more loosely. This shirt down has sewn rubber, so I put it into the skirt.

Very important in this look is fact, that you can wear it many ways, I want to show you two propositions, one with my absolutely perfect, new high-heeled sandals, which are made with idea of lock on the belt. It's very good idea I think. Second pair of schoes I chose is designated for a longer walks in cold weather. You saw them in one of my previous articles

In addition to I wear only my favourite  earrings  and of course my Louis Vuitton black bag, which fits perfectly both to black and brown shoes.I hope that you will enjoy this post and stay updated. This week will be full of post with absolutely gorgeous looks.

outfit of the day:
Skirt: House
Shirt: Reserved
High-heels: Stradivarius
Boots: Julie's
Bag: Louis Vuitton


  1. love this look

  2. A very pretty look !! you look very beautiful !! i love the black heels :)


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