There are some days when, it's warm, but every moment it can start to rain. All day you want to do something useful and you are full of power. Today is this day for me. When I woke up I knew that it will be a good day. I want to spend a lot of time on doing things nice for me. One of this thinks is going to favourite restaurant, eating something delicious and drinking something heavenly.

As you know, I'm completly obsessed on the point of healthy food. Today I choose clams with pepper sauce and baked baguette with butter. DELICIOUS! It was a real feast. I love seafood, but it's hard to eat fresh clams in not very big city in the middle of the country far from the sea, but this restaurant is very good and they make them perfekt.

Next it's time for a short walk on the boulevard and of course session to present you my today's look. It's very soft, big shirt, long black trousers which I rolled up, my lovely Louis Vuitton bag, which is very classic and chic. In addition to I wear my lovely hig-heled sandals and few my favourite, gold rings. 

Good day deserves for a good end. For my it's raspberry smoothy in my favourite café and listening my favourite music. Have a good evening people !!! 

Fot. J. Nadolna 

outfit of the day:
Trousers: Stradivarius 
Shirt: Stradivarius 
Bag: Louis Vuitton 
Rings: Stradivarius 
Shoes: Stradivarius 

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  1. Love this outfit! So chic :)
    xoxo - Ofri


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