2 0 1 7   R E C A P

Flying over to America, getting to know President of Georgia, applying to College in the U.S., swimming at 2 am in the sea at Key West, traveling by train full of drunk Russians, I had never imagined something like that can happen to me. After the first week of 2018, it is finally time to express some gratitude, because my 2017 was beyond amazing, it was definitely a year of growth, hard work and travels. Just to warn you, in the beginning, this post is going to be HUGE, so if you are not interested in reading too much, just scroll through the photos. Enjoy!


A N D  W H Y  I S  I T  P U B L I S H E D  4  M O N T H S  L A T E R


Hello, everybody! Well, I know I know, everyone almost thought it is the very end of Vicirage... but here I am again. It's been quite a long time since I posted anything here, but I had, let's say, an intensive time in my life. Well, I still have. I own you a huge update on what's up in my life, what I've been doing. Today I will try to make up at least the most important facts. So... enjoy!


Winter is the time when wrapping up in layers of clothing is a necessity, for me at least. Unfortunately, I also have a tendency to avoiding cold air, by staying at home or school as long as I possibly can, not to face that icy wind. However, when it finally comes to overcoming this not beloved weather, I always, ALWAYS wear so many layers, that I can make sure, I feel warm and cozy. This time I did so as well.


Good evening. Well, it's been a pretty long while since I posted recently. To be totally hones I am so crazy busy that I don't have time to even edit some photos. I am nearly overwhelmed this school year, but I am trying to bit this, for my dreams and for me. Sleepless nights and studying everywhere became normal again, but I like it. I don't feel like wasting this time, I dedicate it into my future. I understood how important it is to focus on yourself and on expanding skills.


Good Morning everybody? How are you? Ready for a new school year? In my country it begins.. tomorrow. I just can't believe how quickly this summer came to an end. Luckily weather in Poland became a little bit better last days. More sun, more fun and trips.It is quite important to make this last funny summer memories right ?


From comfy outfits and homecoming dresses to notebooks and cute pencils

School year is about to start veryyy soon ( even too soon haha ). I thought that it's a good time to prepare a good portion of inspiration, because who doesn't love this whole supplies-outfit preparations ? For me it is the best shopping of the year. At least every cloud has a silver lining right ? So below you can find some ideas on everything, from pencils and notebooks to homecoming dresses and comfy t-shirts. I hope you will like it !


 Good Morning guys ! It's less than two weeks before school is about to start. It freaks me out so much how quickly does the time fly ... I feel like summer just started, but it flew by just like in a minute. It is not a super ' emotional ' time for me, although I spent some nice time by the seaside with family and the whole rest peacefully at home.